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Rwanda: the serie

De Venuste Kayimahe et Robert Genoud ( Coffret 3 DVD )


These films put into perspective the work of the " informative mission " created by the French National Assembly on March 5th last year, to try to find out the possible responsibility of France during the genocide which took place in Rwanda in 1994. The creation of this parliamentary mission represents a particularly important event, up to the extent of the Rwandan tragedy : for the first time during the Vth Republic, French foreign policy, the President " private field " , has been openly questioned by the representatives of the sovereign nation. According to Paul Quiles the president of the mission, their aim is to " put the events back in their context and identify the responsibilities. " We will see how the good functioning of a democracy depends on a subtle balance between powers and counter-powers. We will also see how they fight against the " lacks " of memory- a common fact in our societies- so as to prevent the sterile répétition of past errors.

Rwanda, récit d’un survivant

La France au Rwanda : «Une neutralité coupable»

Rwanda, l’histoire qui mène au génocide

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