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Iraq, the song of the missing men


In looking beyond the particular histories and sensitivities of Iraq’s different communities, Iraqi filmmaker Layth Abdulamir examines the common roots of this often mistreated and misunderstood country. His camera captures the cultural, social and historical heritage of men and women who wove the fabric of a nation... Kurds, Arabs, Turkomen, Yezidis, Shiites, Sunnites and Christians from villages and cities. This voyage takes you from the southern limits to the northern borders of the country, a juxtaposition of words and ideas, a total immersion into the social and geopolitical landscape of Iraq...

A close-up of a particular "identity" that prospered, suffered and finally ended when the Coalition’s tanks arrived, rumbling arrogantly into what was once the Garden of Eden. Perhaps these Iraqi voices are simply an echo of a thousand-year-old culture... Or perhaps they are the prophesies of a new national identity.

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53 minutes

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Digital Betacam

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