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Enrico Macias

De Dominique Dreyfus , Jean Malaurie et Robert Genoud


Jewish, Algerian, French, of Kabil origin, Tunisian, Spanish… Enrico Macias – or Gaston Ghrenassian, it’s the same, he says, is above all a man who sings about life. His life and the history that he has been through bear witness to it, he is both spectator and protagonist. For, beyond the popular singer, who may, sometimes, wrongly make certain people smile, Enrico Macias is a man with a mission for peace, for memories and for a better future.

Throughout all the concerts filmed in France, in Egypt and through interviews and archive images, the film is tasked with deciphering the man and his commitments through his music. His Arabian Andalucian life, the childhood in Constantinople, when Jews, Muslims and Christians lived side by side in harmony. The life he invents for himself when, forced to leave a war-torn Algeria, he comes up against a wall of incomprehension from the metropolitan French. The life in a moment of confusion, which is too inconsistent. The life of maturity when, he comes back to his roots as a forerunner of the Raï generation. Facets of music which record the history of Enrico as well as history itself.