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Zaiko Langa Langa

D’ Yves Billon


To the sound of a frantic and rhythmical music and to the urge of their magical motto : “let’s liven things up”, Zaiko Langa Langa have kept the crowds dancing since 1989. Zaiko have revived and reinvented the old rumba, which sounds Cuban but swings Zairian. It has become part of everyday life. Its rhythms have for ever marked the two nearest capitals in the world, Kinshasa and Brazzaville.

From Tokyo to Copenhagen, from Dakar to Luanda, the whole world is swaying on the monotonous rhythm of a tireless guitar. In Paris the famous “sapeurs” (fashion lovers), wearing their dandy-like fancy clothes, mob into the Zenith of the Mutualité. They are its best representatives. Is it Zairan or Congolese ? It’s rather Zaiko with a K like the old Kongo realm shattered by the white settlers. It’s the top music of all the trendy, Afro West-Indian discotheques in Europe or in the States.