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What time is it in Buenos Aires ?

De Claire Duguet et Gilles Bindi


Buenos Aires is in a turmoil. Antoine, a French journalist who has just come here to write a paper on tourism, is soon confronted to the harsh reality of the city. Three decades after the start of a dictatorial rule, five years after a devastating economic crisis, the people of this newly democratic capital city keep marching for more work, more food, and less corruption from the ones who ruined their hopes. Through Antoine’s genuine experience and personal itinerary, while he gets to know the people and starts to be involved in the events, the city gradually uncovers.

From Marcos Aguinis the former minister to Pablo the street urchin, from Patricia the waitress to the “crazy” Madres of the Plaza de Mayo – miscellaneous chance encounters give Antoine an occasion to assess the political, social and human situation of the city. And what about the mothers mourning all the kids who died in a club in fire on December 30th 2004 ? They demand justice and turn this scandal into a new symbol of the fight for the people’s rights. 596’ It is time for change in Buenos Aires.

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