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Fair Trade

De Jean Lefaux et Martine Bouquin


The gap between the rich and poor countries in the world has drastically widened. For the past fifteen years, some men have decided to take action to struggle against this phenomenon of exclusion. Being aware that the charity system is too limited, they have set up the framework of a new market system.

They have thrust themselves into the "fair" trade adventure: paying the producers a fair, worthy and steady price. Mascao chocolate, made from Bolivian raw material, is a typical example of this new kind of trade: in less than ten years ElCeibo- an organisation of little Bolivian producers- has been able to build a factory and therefore become self sufficent. The creation of independent labels, like Max Havelaar, has given a new extent to fair trade by including it into the system of mass marketing. Since then fair trade has kept on growing.

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