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The colours of silence : “inside the artists’ house”

De Milka Assaf


« The Artists’ House » is the home of fourteen schizophrenic patients : twelve painters and two poets. Just a few of them are famous, like Hauser, Walla and Tschirtner. Their paintings are exhibited all over the world, their quote is raising in the art market, but they don’t care about success.

The world and the people don’t mean anything to them, they have never been to an Art school, they just obey urgent drives which they express on a tree, a wall or a canvas. They have all completely mastered their personal technique, which makes of their creations a powerful work of art. They have built their own world with its paradise and its hell, it is a magical world peopled with gods and where the violent flood of life shakes everything up. It is a world where the wild creativity of childhood can fully express itself.