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Série « Staline »

Les funérailles d’un dieu

De Nino Kirtadze


On March 5th 1953, one of the last great dictators died. He was one of the mythical figures of the 20th century. He ruled over 250 million men and women for 24 years. Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili Stalin died of a cérébral haemorrhage at the age of 73. The cult of his personality which started twenty years before was then at its peak. We have found Russian footages in colour of his burial. This both impressive and beautiful film was completely made up according to the Soviet propaganda style of the time. It shows pictures of collective mourning, weeping crowds, huge portraits, marathon speeches and tributes from “brother-countries”.

These pictures and sounds are relevant not only of the historical event but also of the importance Stalin had for his people and for his time. Les Films du Village are happy to present a new editing of this 52’ version, which has been modernised and improved. The English version of the commentary is available.

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Histoire, Les Films du Village

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60 minutes

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Digital Betacam

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