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Srebrenica une chute sur ordonnance

De Gilles Hertzog et Yves Billy


The worst of all the crimes against humanity committed in Europe since 1945. The International Community let it happen without doing anything. In July 1995, in the middle of Europe, the so-called " International Community " was incapable to prevent Srebrenica from falling. Despite its being a " UN security zone ", theenclave of Srebrenica fell into the hands of the Serbs after a six days’ advance Wh ich never encountered any opposition. The 400 blue helmets as well as the FORPRONU (the UN protection forces) and the NATO airforce stood by for most of them. All the population was deported, over 7,400 Bosnians were massacred. The film director puts together all the elements of responsibility which contributed to the fall of the city. The target of his investigation is the UN as a whole as well as the political and military officials of the countries in question.