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Raul Castro - The end of the embargo

D’ Yves Billon


The picture has gone around the world : at the memorial for Nelson Mandela, President Obama is shaking hands with President Raul Castro, the other’s brother. Today, we know what he told the American president : “M. President, I am Castro.”

His brother, Fidel, once timidly tried to shake hands with President Clinton but quickly withdraw it without shaking thus never had he been greeted nor greeted the president of the country that has been strangling Cuba for 52 years.

Who would have ever imagined that before the Commandante Lider Maximo dies, his little brother Raul, though a true communist, would do this gesture which has been interpreted by some as a sign of allegiance and by others as manoeuvrial ? Anyway, this sign is indeed a sure sign. This film will relate the biographical story of the new ruler of the country.