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The night, the dictatorship fell: Lisbon, April 1974

De Ginette Lavigne


Portugal, April 1974 a military coup organised by young officers gathered in an underground organisation - the Movement of Armed Forces- (MAF) overthrew the government of Marcelo Caetano, who had succeeded Salazar. How could this coup, carried out by some young officers, have opened the way to such a powerful and unexpected popular movement? Otelo de Carvalho, who designed and drew the plans of the operations, explains and describes the technique of the coup d’Etat.

He mainly talks about the strategy he used, how he conceived the plan and how he led the operations. He gives a detailed account of the forces he could rely on, the different helps he could count on, what his priority targets were, how he planned their occupation, how the different units communicated together, just to cite a few. The plans of these operations hand-written by Otelo de Carvalho - plano geral das operaçpoes, viragem historica (general plans of operations, a historical turning point) - as well as maps sustain his demonstration.