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The curse of oil

De Jean-Pierre Beaurenaut


The film starts with some topical facts concerning oil today so as to root our film in our present time and shows how important oil is in all the fields of human activities. This introduction allows us to briefly tackle the main themes we later develope in our film. These themes are closely linked with one another and encompass a wide range of different issues such as science, technologies, environment, economy, geopolitics and geostrategies. The film then constantly switchs from back to present-from the pioneers’ period at the end of the 19th century until today- so as to recall the main stages of an adventure with tremendous stakes.

The film ends on a question about the future of oil. Indeed although this energy is not renewable there are huge reserves which haven’t been exploited yet. This fact could let us think that oil will still be an essential element of the world economy in the decades to come.