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Série « The golden age Cinema »

The golden age of Brazilian cinema : Cinema Novo

De Dominique Dreyfus


Cinema Novo, born at the end of the 1950’s, ranked Brazilian cinema among the world’s greatest modern productions. Five filmmakers of this period remember this adventure, which gave Brazilian cinema an identity of its own. They recount how, notwithstanding the conservative society, they overcame all financial, technical and political obstacles. They invented a new film expression and created a typical Brazilian cinema. As a conclusion to the film, two young filmmakers evoke the tremendous influence of Cinema Nova on their generation.

The structure of the film relies on the protagonists’ different testimonies. As Cinema Novo did in its time, it is trying to question the links between creation, the history of a country and its society at a particular moment. Through the example of Brazilian movies the film also tries to underline how universal this question is.

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