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Khol Sa Steng: going back to school

De Victoire Surio et Yann Lardeau


The Chinese new year celebrations have come to an end at Khol sa teng. Tomorrow the children are going back to school. Everybody is getting ready. It is the story of a day, a day like any other day but not completely like the others in Khol sa teng , a Tibetan village of 350 inhabitants, in the Qinghai, 2,000 kms away from Peking, the capital of the North and a similar 2,000 kms away from Lhasa the roof of the world. Whether they are farmers or shepherds the inhabitants of Khol sa teng are self-subsistent.

The school, which is outside Khol sa teng, welcomes the children of three villages belonging to the same tribe. Two hundred children learn there how to count, read and write Tibetan. The two main problems of Khol sa teng are water and school as its population has doubled since the cultural Revolution. « We already have the temple, when we have enough water and a school everything will be fine »

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28 minutes

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Digital Betacam

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