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I love you, I respect you, I need you

D’ Alex Campos


On May 15, 2011, thousands of young people, previously assumed to be asleep and indifferent, swarmed Puerta Del Sol square and opened a door into a new society - to be joined by their elders. The "15-M" Movement or "Spanish Revolution" has lead many spaniards like Roman away from the frustration they suffered for so many years. This is the story of a collective awakening.

The "Indignant People" as they call themselves, have taken Spain’s main squares and started a revolution that has been extended worldwide. Yes, they camp, that’s how they organise themselves into commissions and a daily assembly focused on achieving consensus through a horizontal system that proposes a change of paradigm. "They call it democracy, and it¥s not" "People from Europe rise up!" "They don’t represent us" The squares are listening to all their protests.

Directed by a group of members from the Audiovisual Commission of the 15M Movement, this documentary reveals the inside of the revolution through Roman’s eyes, who falls in love with this young generation that has decided to change the world.