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Série « Andy Warhol's Factory people »

Getting through the day

De Catherine O'sullivan et Yves Billon ( épisode 3/3 )


“ Welcome to the Silver Factory. You are about to enter a space and an era that was ridiculed by some, feared by many, adored by anyone who had been there, and envied by the rest who weren’t ”. The 60’s and the name ANDY WARHOL : both of them were indefinable, interchangeable, infinitely fascinating ; and, for a timeless moment, indestructible.

Warhol and his larger-than-life family clubhouse, the fabled Silver Factory, where Andy created his most iconic works, the ULTIMATE REALITY SHOW ! Hundreds of archive are there and some never seen or used, taking us deep inside the labyrinthine world of New York City and its best-known celebrities and clubhouses. Interviews link us to a short biography of the different social backgrounds artists and friends of Andy, the Factory’s survivors.

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