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Gabriel Garcia Marquez: “a witch writing”

De Mauricio Martinez-Cavard et Yves Billon


The narrative part of " Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a witch writing " is built according to an apparent disorder of time, as it is the very device the writer himself has used in his novels and in : One hundred years of solitude in particular. The portrait of the writer has taken the form of a conversation with an old friend we haven’t seen for a long time.

This has been made possible by the beautiful interview " Gabo " himself accepted to give us in his house in Cartagena. We have intentionally emphasised the realistic basis of witchcraft the author resorted to in his writing. Our aim in doing so, was not to demystify their supernatural aspect nor to subsribe in one way or another but to try to better convey the so particular vison of the world he had. Our film is a kind of bridge between the truth of a continent made of tales and magic spells, and the life of a man who has been its most faithful mouthpiece.