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De Gildas Billet


Every twelve years, the greatest spiritual gathering in the world takes place in Haridwar, the kumb mela. It is a very important moment for the different Sadhu ascetic communities coming from all over India. I must participate to this event but I want to live it from the inside so I need a guide who would accept to come with me.

Yogi Shravan Nath is a Nath-Yogi, one of those Shivaist sadhus who undergo tantric studies from their sect, Goraknath. I met this Yogi in Omkareshwar, and he accepted to initiate me and to take me as a disciple in order for me to follow him to the famous Kumbha-mela, an enormous gathering of ascetics that come from every corner of India. This pilgrimage, which takes place every 12 years and is a very important part of the life of a sadhu, is our starting point for an extraordinary experience.

We will follow our guru in his encounter with the ascetics that are considered saints. Through different places and events in the North of India, we will dive in the universe of mystics to find out if their only aim is to access the mokhsa, which is the final release, and what are the means of reaching it.

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