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// Summary

Luc Abaki Kouméa­balo is a Togolese jour­nal­ist. Between his stud­ies and his pro­fes­sional life, he did’nt have a moment for his ini­ti­a­tion, a deter­min­ing fac­tor in his natal north­ern region of Togo, which inte­grates young men in their social sphere. He is today seek­ing to return to the mys­tery of his cul­ture and to be ini­ti­ated a posteriori.

Beware his quest, the direc­tor makes “Kon­donna” serve as a sub­sti­tute for his ini­ti­a­tion and claim his iden­tity as a young intel­lec­tual opened to other cul­tures but still attached to his country’s ances­tral traditions.