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L’âge d'or du cinéma

The golden age of the Mexican cinema : Dolores Del Rio

De Marie-Pierre Muller-Duhamel et Yves Billon


This Mexican story began at the Cannes Film Festival, in France, in 1946. That year, a Mexican film was awarded the Palme D’or which advised the world of cinema and the public that something had changed in Mexico. That film, called “Maria Candelaria” had been made by Emilio Fernandez and the main part was played by Dolores Del Rio. Many in the public were surprised to find out that the superb actress, playing a tragic figure, beautifully filmed by Gabriel Figueroa, was one of the favourite and most exotic actresses in the American cinema industry .She starred in Raoul Walsh’s and King Vidor’s movies but also played in a large number of musicals in the Hollywood way… The film swept the prizes at many film festivals, and Dolores became an icon.


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Français, Anglais


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Yves Billon

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Les Films du Village

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52 minutes

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Digital Betacam

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