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Musique de l'Inde

Music of India : Rajasthan, the music of the the desert ep.2/2

D’ Agnès Nordmann et Yves Billon


A voyage through the arid and colourful land of Rajasthan. This desert plateau in western India is home to some of the country’s most ancient rural communities founded by the region’s wanderind bards and ministrels. The film’s setting is centered around the Langa. Manganiyar, Charan communities, their castes and musical traditions. Marriage ceremonies, funerals and the birth of a son serve to document the vital role which music plays in traditional Indian society.

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Langue :

Français, Anglais


Co-production :

Les Films du Village

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Durée :

52 minutes

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Format de diffusion :

Digital Betacam

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Demande de projection publique