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Série « Musique du monde »

Lambada : the true story

De Dominique Dreyfus et Yves Billon


1989 – fall of Berlin wall – collapse of main ideologies – Lambada topped the charts. An unprecedented promotional campaign thrust Lambada to the top of the 1989 summer charts. This Brazilian tune, rearranged in Paris, had a skyrocketing commercial success.

Launched through advertising spots for the French “Music Festival ” in June 1989 – the Lambada had topped the charts by the end of July. Then it went to conquer Europe and racked up four million sellers in just a few months. What was the origin of this musical UFO ? The international version was signed by Chico de Oliveira but in reality it was a Bolivian song written by the Hermosa

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Français, Anglais, Portuguais


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Les Films du Village

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Durée :

52 minutes

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Digital Betacam

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