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Iraqi Christians : chronicle of an announced exodus

De Layth Abdulamir


Nowadays, and more than ever, the Christian community in Iraq is at risk of disappearing. Formerly protected by Saddam Hussein, since the end of the dictatorial regime, they have been suffering persecutions lead by small groups of fundamentalist Muslims. This ethnic religious group, however present in Iraq since the beginnings of Christianity seems to be paying the price of the American presence in Iraq.

Nearly a million in 1980, there are only 500 000 Christians in the country nowadays, while one million live in Diaspora. This massive Exodus through the country towards Kurdistan, from the bordering countries towards Turkey and Jordan or even towards the United States, endangers their existence in Iraq.

This tragic situation, which was ignored from the international media for long, is nowadays a known fact, since the terrorist attack on the Bagdad Cathedral on 31 October 2010. But the media depend on the news. The aim of this documentary is to deeply study the situation of Christians in Iraq, their long history and their endangered future.

In fifty years, the Iraqi Jewish community has totally disappeared. Will the same phenomenon happen to the Christian minority ?

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Français, Anglais, Argentin

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Yves Billon

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52 minutes

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