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Fernando de Noronha : “islands in the middle of nowhere”

D’ Yves Billon


Halfway between Africa and South America, Fernando de Noronha raises above the sea : amazing almost frightening. A result of the convulsions of the planet, its millions of years-old blocks of rock have been the only masters over this kingdom of rare birds and sea animals, for a long time. It is located at 345 kms off coasts of Brazil, in the heart of an archipelago of 21 islands bathed in a tropical climate.

This part of the Atlantic is said to be the least polluted part of the world. The turbulent history of this island has urged it to find new economic ressources as it can’t count on the Central Government’s subsidies anymore. So, the archipelago is faced now with a drastic conflict : favouring its economic growth while protecting its environment.

Année de sortie :


Langue :

Français, Anglais


Co-production :

Les Films du Village

Image :

Yves Billon

Son :

Mari Corrêa

Participation :



Durée :

52 minutes

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Format de diffusion :

Digital Betacam

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Demande de projection publique